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Only the TOP RATED SOFTWARE and VERY BEST FREEWARE FILES! I check out the web for top-rated software that does a good job. If there is excellent no-cost or open source software available on the World Wide Web, then it will get listed as TOP RATED SOFTWARE at Hsin Lin! 1st for software! 1st for downloads! 1st for files! We have far more than 46 best freeware at Hsin Lin - check out the free software pages! (Includes Software for Windows XP and Vista).

Free Software Updates

Hi All,


Enjoy the Summer!

Check the software updates! I have updated the freeware files free software pages at Hsin Lin, again :-)

Summer is here and the sun shines on our freeware files at The World Famous Hsin Lin Free Software Site - I have updated the hsin lin software pages - see the changelog below, visit the freeware pages or see the free software archive.

Lots of NEW Freeware added! I have been working hard to update The Freeware Files and free software pages @ Hsin Lin. There are lots of new freeware software (much, much more than just 46 free utilities and free software programs!) added to the pages and also some new freeware files pages!

Be sure to check out the new free software pages for great freeware files for Windows and while you are visiting, why not drop in to our FREE Tips, Tricks and Secrets for Windows pages? (Scroll down any page to get to the hints and tips navigation).

I have added lots of anti-spyware, anti-virus and security and privacy freeware to the pages. Whether you want to remove malicious software from your computer or protect your data with encryption - you will find all the free software you need here.

Remember, I don't list ALL freeware for Windows - ONLY THE BEST FREE SOFTWARE!

Freeware Files Pages Update - March 2012

March 18th 2012 - Updated the Hsin Lin software pages today. Just removed a few non-working software websites, and tidied a little code. Added some Portable Software to several program categories.

Freeware Files Pages Update - May 2010

May 28th 2010 - Updated the FTP Clients page. Needed new homepage for the great free, open source FTP software, FileZilla.

Freeware Files Pages Update - January 2010

January 21st 2010 - Just some tidying up of the top rated free software at Hsin Lin Freeware Files. I have removed some broken links and tidied up the descriptions to software on several pages today. More free software to be added soon.

Freeware Files Pages Update - June 2009

June 7th 2009 - Added Fcleaner, a free Windows Optimisation and cleanup tools to the System Tools page. Fcleaner can erase your browsing history, delete unneccesary files and manage what programs start up when Windows starts.

Freeware Files Pages Update - May 2009

May 26th 2009 - I have written and published a Free eBook. It is about file extensions that might be encountered. Free to download and free to distribute - you are welcome to add it to online archives and free ebook repositories - please do! Also, I have checked over the Free eBooks Software page.

Freeware Files Pages Update - April 2009

March 25th 2009 - Added Fbackup, free backup software for Windows XP and Vista to the Free Backup Software page. So, you have no excuse not to backup now!

Freeware Files Pages Update - March 2009

April 12th 2009 - Added a free Google Easteregg game to the Eastereggs page. Eastereggs in software and programs are secret, hidden items you can find with the right keystrokes. Check out the secret Google easteregg game!

March 9th 2009 - Added two new anti-spyware and anti-malware free programs to the Anti Spyware free software page. Protect yourself against malicious websites, check out Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and SuperAntiSpyware free versions.

March 1st 2009 - A new page added to the site today... Free Online Email. I had a look around the many free email services that are around including, gmail, hotmail and - have a look.

Freeware Files Pages Update - February 2009

February 19th 2009 - I've updated the Windows XP Tips page and added another tip. Check it out, you might just find an XP tip that is really useful, just for you... :-)

Freeware Files Pages Update - January 2009

January 15th 2009 - I've updated the Anonymous Surfing page and added another proxy server - ProxyLord. The whole page is a great resource for anonymous surfing and lists free anonymous proxy servers.

January 6th 2009 - A new page here: World Clocks which lists the very best multiple time zone free world clocks - Oh, and they are all free software, of course.

January 3rd 2009 - Updated the Windows XP Freeware page. This page seemed to have got deleted and was showing as a blank page, I have renewed it with a selection of the best freeware for security, safety and privacy that works with Win XP.

Freeware Updates Archive

Freeware Files Pages Update - December 2007

Decemember 21st 2007 - Updated the Anonymous Surfing page. There are three free surfing tests you can take that will let you know what you are revealing about yourself whilst surfing the Internet. Also free anonymous surfing software listed.

Decemember 8th 2007 - Added a new page listing many other freeware sites. Worth a look if you are building your own freeware directory or freeware bookmarks. Don't forget to include hsinlin ! :-)

Freeware Files Pages Update - November 2007

November 17th 2007 - Added a freeware HTML Editor called Webtide. A new HTML Editor. Don't forget to bookmark the freeware here, it's no good to you if you can't find it again.

November 15th 2007 - Added a freeware FTP client to the FTP Clients page. WinSCP is an open source free SFTP client and FTP client for Windows. Its main function (which is does well) is safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer.

November 10th 2007 - Added a freeware bulk rename utility to the Search and Replace page, useful if you want to rename a lot of files in a directory, or rename folders.

Freeware Files Pages Update - October 2007

October 16th 2007 - New Page added: ONLINE FREE STUFF - Well, for the first time in a long while, I have added a new page to the freeware files pages here at HsinLin. The new page is for online free stuff. I had a look around the web to list the very best free online services. Page is in its early days but keep an eye on it (bookmark?) as I will be adding only the best online free stuff in the next few days.

October 13th 2007 - With privacy and security of data being so important, I have updated the freeware privacy page and added FreeOTFE Disk Encryption. If you are looking for free, open source on-the-fly disk encryption check out FreeOTFE Disk Encryption. Truecrypt is also on the privacy page and offers similar disk encryption.

October 7th 2007 - Just updated the freeware productivity page - Added ClipX, a Freeware Clipboard History Manager AND Clipomatic, a clipboard cache program.

Freeware Files Pages Update - September 2007

September 30th 2007 - Just reviewed some pages and removed adware and non-freeware - thanks for the reports!

Freeware Files Pages Update - August 2007

August 11th 2007 - Just updated the free and open source webcams page - Added Manycam, webcam special effects software and Dorgem, open source webcam software. Also added Free Internetcam which allows you to share your webcam with everyone who knows your IP address. Also added YAWCAM, Yet Another Webcam Software - The free webcams software page is really popping today! :-)

Freeware Files Pages Update - July 2007

July 30th 2007 - If you have neglected backing up your essential files now is the time to look at the updated free backup software page - I have just cleaned out some broken URLs - all the freeware backup software listed here is recommended.

July 29th 2007 - With privacy becoming more of a live issue on The Internet I have updated the Anonymous Surfing page. There are several anonymous proxy servers that allow anonymous surfing as well as anonymous remailers listed.

July 25th 2007 - Added Kompozer, web authoring freeware to the HTML Editors page. Komposer is a user-supported and developed fork of NVU (also listed). Added Comodo's BoClean Anti-Malware protection software to the Anti-Spyware page. 100% free protection against malicious websites and Malware (Malicios Software).

July 17th 2007 - Updated the Privacy Software with updated url for TrueCrypt. TrueCrypt offers secure on-the-fly disk encryption.... and it works seamlessly with XP!

Freeware Files Pages Update - June 2007

June 15th 2007 - Just checked the site - removed some software no longer free.

There is also an archive page of freeware updates.

More Free Software coming soon!

Don't forget to check out the free hints and tips pages (Below - scroll down the page) as well as the free software!

The internet is a minefield, so make sure you have the latest freeware anti-virus software and freeware firewall software installed. Check out ALL the freeware files pages to your right - I have listed the best available in these freeware categories!

One of the best free tips currently is don't click on ANYTHING that comes to you in an email - this includes free software, free graphics, free pictures, free screensavers, .pif files, .com files, .exe files and even web links. If you click on a link in an email, at the very least you are confirming that your email address is live and inviting more abuse - don't do it!


The Freeware Files Team

Getting the most out of your operating system is important for productivity and ease of use. Here is a collection of the top Free Windows Tips, the top Free Windows Tools, the best FREEWARE Windows Software, and the very best Freeware Files Windows links from the web.       Please see the Freeware Files Disclaimer, it forms part of the terms of use for this site.

Note: We don't list ALL FREEWARE Windows Software - only the very BEST FREEWARE FILES!

Hsin Lin Top Rated Software and Downloads

Hsin Lin has Top Rated Software for Microsoft Windows and the best software downloads plus great Microsoft Windows Games as well as fresh new MS Windows Secrets, Windows Tips and Windows Hints for XP, also including freeware software for Windows XP are added regularly, so bookmark the Freeware Files @ Hsin Lin (Press Ctrl and D) and check back often. Check out the free backup software page. We are a top-rated freeware back up software site! 1st for Freeware Files and 1st for Free Back Up Software! More than 46 best freeware utilities and files!

The Freeware Files are a Pop-Up Free Zone! Make Hsin Lin your first stop for top rated software!

If you are the developer of the Freeware Software listed at Hsin Lin Freeware Files, link to the page where your software is listed!

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