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Windows Desk Top tips.

Win Key ShortCuts. (Windows 98)

You can use the Windows Key to speed up your working and productivity. Here are some common shortcuts.

WinKey+E = Open an Explorer window
WinKey+R = Open the Run dialog
WinKey+Pause = Open the System Properties
WinKey+F Find: = All Files
WinKey+Ctrl+F = Find: Computer
WinKey+M = Minimize all open windows
WinKey+D = Show/Hide Desktop
WinKey+Shift+M = Undo minimize all open windows
WinKey+Tab = Cycle through taskbar program buttons
WinKey+F1 = Open Windows Help

To create a folder on the Desktop. (Windows 98)

Right click on the Desktop background, from the pop-up menu displayed select New, from the sub-menu displayed select Folder. Enter the name for the folder and press Enter.

Change the size of Icons on your Desktop. (Windows 98)

Right-click on the Desktop, Select Properties from the context menu. On the Appearance tab look in the Item list box. Once you find Icon you can choose the size from the Size box. Once you have changed the size, hit the Apply button, and then once you are satisfied hit OK.

Change Icon spacing on your Desktop . (Windows 98)

Right-click on the desktop. Select Properties from the menu. On the Appearance tab look in the Item list box. Select Icon Spacing (Horizontal) and Icon Spacing (Vertical) you can choose different values. When you are satisfied hit OK. You will need to press F5 to Refresh the Desktop.

To disable automatic starting of a CD-ROM. (Windows 98)

Insert your CD-ROM and hold down the Shift key until the drive light goes out.

Screen Shots. (Windows)

You can get a screen shot in Windows at any time by hitting the Print Screen key. This will copy a bitmap of the full screen into the Windows clipboard. You can then paste this into ANY graphics or paint programme for editing. Hitting Alt + Print Screen captures the active window.

Minimize, Maximize and Close All Windows. (Windows 98)

Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the applications you want to close on the taskbar. Then right-click one of them. A context menu will appear for you to Close, Minimize or Maximize. Select one action and all the applications you selected will close, minimize or maximize at the same time!

Add sound to your locks. (Windows 98)

The Caps, Num and Scroll locks come with little lights on most keyboards to warn you whether they are selected as on or off. You can also have Windows XP give you sound warnings when you select (intentionally or otherwise) any of these key locks. Go to the Windows XP Control Panel and select Accessibility Options.You need to switch "Toggle Keys" on. Once you have done this you will have a sound warning when any of the lock keys are switched on or off.

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Hsin Lin has Top Rated Software for Microsoft Windows and the best software downloads plus great Microsoft Windows Games as well as fresh new MS Windows Secrets, Windows Tips and Windows Hints for XP, also including freeware software for Windows XP are added regularly, so bookmark the Freeware Files @ Hsin Lin (Press Ctrl and D) and check back often. Check out the free backup software page. We are a top-rated freeware back up software site! 1st for Freeware Files and 1st for Free Back Up Software! More than 46 best freeware utilities and files!

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