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Windows Easter Egg tips.

Hidden Secret Eastereggs

An "Easter Egg" is hidden code in a piece of Software that usually does something amusing and/or entertaining. You need to know the "secret" to access the hidden or secret easteregg. Here are just some of the hideden eastereggs we know about - there are many, many more hidden easteregg secrets!

Google easteregg.

Google has a secret easteregg game for Easter. Just type in "google easteregg" without the quotes into the Google Search Engine and hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button - you will go straight into a secret Google easteregg game! You will need java for this Google easteregg to work.

Here is a direct link to the Google Easteregg Game. Happy Easter!

IE5 Hidden Easter Egg.

From the Internet Explorer menu, select Tools > Internet Options > General tab
Click the Languages button
Click the Add button, and enter ie-ee in the User defined box, and click OK
Move the ie-ee entry to the top of your Languages list
Exit the Internet Tools

Click the Search button on the Internet Explorer toolbar, and click the Previous searches checkbox for some Eastereggs links
Click the Customize button in the Search pane to view the Easteregg's graphics

IE5 and IE6 Secret Easteregg.

Make sure you are connected to the Internet.

Click on Help -> About (Internet Explorer) and this will display the popup dialog box. Left-click your mouse on the Acknowledgements link at the bottom. You should be directed to the MS IE "Thank You" web page, and then a new browser popup window will open "showing off" a Flash animation.

Windows 98 Screensaver Secret Easter Egg - Volcanoes.

In Control Panel, choose Display, then Click on Screen Savers tab. Select "3D Text". Next Click on settings and in the graphics text box type "volcano". You will see the secret easteregg screensaver.

Windows 95 and 98 Screensaver Easteregg - Teapot.

In Control Panel, choose Display, then Click on Screen Savers tab. Select "3D Pipes". Next Click on Settings and choose the following; Pipes choose "multiple". Pipe Style choose "traditional". Joint Type choose "mixed" and for Surface Style choose "solid".

When the easter egg Screen Saver runs it will sometimes show teapots instead of joints.

When running this secret easteregg screensaver you will need to be patient, but it is very satisfying when you do spot a teapot.

I have also been informed by a visitor that this Windows Secret Easteregg Screensaver will work in Windows NT and Windows 2000.

Windows 95 and 98 Screensaver Easteregg - Candy Stripes.

Another hidden Easteregg for the Pipes Screensaver in Windows, works in Windows XP. First, select the Screensaver tab in Display Properties (Start > Control Panel > Display). Select 3D Pipes from the list then click the Setting button. Under Pipes select Multiple, under Pipe Style Joint Type select Mixed and under Surface Style select Textured. Click the Choose Texture button and it will open the Windows folder, just click Cancel, click OK on the 3D Setting button and fire up the hidden easteregg screensaver by clicking Preview. Nice candy canes.... thank you Microsoft.

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Hsin Lin has Top Rated Software for Microsoft Windows and the best software downloads plus great Microsoft Windows Games as well as fresh new MS Windows Secrets, Windows Tips and Windows Hints for XP, also including freeware software for Windows XP are added regularly, so bookmark the Freeware Files @ Hsin Lin (Press Ctrl and D) and check back often. Check out the free backup software page. We are a top-rated freeware back up software site! 1st for Freeware Files and 1st for Free Back Up Software! More than 46 best freeware utilities and files!

The Freeware Files are a Pop-Up Free Zone! Make Hsin Lin your first stop for top rated software!

If you are the developer of the Freeware Software listed at Hsin Lin Freeware Files, link to the page where your software is listed!

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