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Windows Performance Tips.

Speed up your Swap File.

The Windows swap file is hard disk space that is used when Windows runs out of memory. This Virtual Memory being used by Windows can slow the system. A solution that may work for you is to move the swap file to a different drive and/or faster drive.

Double-click the System icon in Control Panel. Click on the Performance tab and then click on the Virtual Memory button. Select "Let me specify my own virtual memory settings". Choose the fastest drive or partition you have got, if you just have two drives choose the one that Windows is NOT installed on. It can also help speed things up to set your own Virtual Memory Swap file settings. Aim for approxiamately two and a half times the real memory you have available.

Speed up your Drives.

There are a couple of settings to change that will allow windows to read ahead on your drives, thus improving performance.

Double-click the System icon in Control Panel. Click on the Performance tab and then on the File System button. On the Hard Disk tab, make sure the read-ahead is set to full. On the typical role of this machine, change the default which is Desktop Computer to Network Server. This allows Windows to set a bigger read-ahead buffer.

On the CD-ROM tab. Make sure all the read-ahead is set to the fullest. Even if you have a CD-ROM lower than 4x speed, change the optimize access pattern for quad-speed or higher. That will also cache older CD-ROMs better.

Win9x sets DMA to OFF by default. You have to manually switch it on. In theory, enabling DMA increases UDMA Hard Disk access to 33.3 MB/sec. In practice, speed will increase substantially from the old standard of 16MB/sec. Furthermore, DMA uses only 25% of CPU resources compared to 40% normally. Nearly all 5400rpm / 7200rpm, and some lower speed, hard drives, support DMA.

Faster Dialling.

You can speed up dialling when connecting to the internet with this Windows tip. Double-click on the modem icon in Control Panel. Chose the Properties button. Select the Connection tab. Click on the Advance button. In the Extra Settings text box, type S11=50. This is an instruction to your modem to speed up the dial tone from 100 milliseconds (the default) to 50 milliseconds.

Speedier Connection.

You can speed up the time it takes Dial-up Networking to connect with this Windows tip. Right-click on your ISP connection and select Properties. Click on the Server Types tab. Uncheck Log on to Network, NetBEUI & IPX/SPX Compatible. These are rarely needed and you will speed up your connection time.

Improve Downloading Speed.

You can improve downloading speed for files with this Windows tweak. First Double-click the Modem icon in Control Panel. Click the Properties button. Click on the Connection tab. Click on the Port Settings button. Set the buffers to full.

Improve Downloading Speed.

You can speed up your Internet connection by changing the port speed. Go to System Properties, Device Manager, Ports, and then choose the com port where your modem is installed. Go to the Port Settings tab, and choose 115200 bits per second, if you have a 56k modem.

Remove Fonts.

Having too many fonts can slow down a Windows System. Fonts are stored in the C:\Windows\Fonts folder and if you have more than a hundred fonts, you probably hve too many. It is easy to remove them, just highlight them in the folder and delete. Or why not move them to a new back up folder that you create? That way if you later decide you need a removed font, you will still have easy access to it.

Make Win9x / Windows ME use your Physical Memory.

If you add this line to the [386Enh] section of the SYSTEM.INI file:
This will force Windows to use up all the physical memory before turning to the Temporay Swap File on disk.

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