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Windows Shortcut Tips.

Instant System Info.

The three keys at the right side of your keyboard's top row are practically orphans. The Pause key is a relic of the PC's distant past and is rarely used in Windows. But this seemingly abandoned key has a surprisingly convenient secret ability. Hold down the Windows key (typically on the bottom row of the keyboard, this key is marked by the Windows "flag" logo) and press the Pause key. This simple shortcut displays the System Control Panel, which tells you which version of Windows you're using, how much memory is installed on your computer, and more. It also gives you easy access to the Device Manager.

Assign a Hotkey To a Shortcut.

To assign a hotkey to your desktop shortcut - Right-click on the shortcut and select Properties. Click on the Shortcut tab. Enter the key combination you want to use. Valid combinations are: Ctrl+Shift, Shift+Alt, & Ctrl+Alt+Shift. Just br careful to make sure your hot-key combination doesn't clash with one already being used by Windows or a windows programme.

Open Multiple Files.

In Word, type in the command line, "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\WINWORD.EXE" "C:\docs\document1.doc" "C:\docs\document2.doc". Word will open both documents at the same time. The command line cannot exceed 255 characters.

Also, in Explorer, if you hold down the CTRL file as you select files and then choose open they will ALL be opened.

To display the Start Menu .

Hold down [Ctrl] and press the [Esc] key.

Windows 98 Toolbars.

Windows 98 has a feature that allows users to create their own toolbars on the desktop. A toolbar can be placed anywhere on the desktop. To create a toolbar, first make a new directory and place some shortcut's in the diectory. Then right click on the taskbar and select Toolbar (at the top), then select "New Toolbar". When the new window opens select the folder you created and it will appear on the task bar. You can now pull it off and dock it on the side of the screen.

Web Site Shortcuts on your Desktop.

Create a new shortcut. At the command line, type in the URL of a website such as http://www.HsinLin.Com. Then, give it the name, HSinlin WebSite (Windows Tips and Tricks). The next time you click on the shortcut you have created, it will bring you here!

To refresh the Windows Explorer view. (Windows 98)

Press the F5 key.

Using the F Keys. (Windows XP)

The f Keys at the top of the keyboard give quick access to features in Windows XP. For instance pressing the F1 key at any point will pop up Windows Help which will give you context sensitive help for what you are working on. Other useful F keys in Windows XP include: F2 when you want to rename a file or folder - highlight the file or folder first by clicking on it, then when you press F2 you will be able to quickly and easily rename. F5 will refresh the screen. F6 will switch between panes when working in Explorer.

Mail Shortcuts on your Desktop.

Create a new shortcut. At the command line, type in mailto:webmaster@HsinLin.Com. Give it a name such as Mail HSinlin Webmaster. The next time you click on the shortcut you have created, your e-mail program will start up and present you with the new mail ready to be sent with the address pre-typed in.

Open File With Another Application.

To open a file with a different application to that already registered for the file try this. Create a shortcut and enter the full path of the programme you want to use and the full name of the file you want to open. It should look like this example:

"C:\Program Files\Accessories\WORDPAD.EXE" "C:\My Directory\MyFile.txt".

When you click on the shortcut, MyFile.txt will open with WordPad instead of NotePad.

Windows Scrap Files.

Using Wordpad, highlight a block of text and then drag it to the desktop. It will be created as a Scrap file. The scrap file can be dragged and dropped back into your word processor or saved like any other Windows file.

To change the icon used by a shortcut. (Windows 98)

Right click on the shortcut icon and select Properties. Select the Shortcut tab. Click on the Change Icon button and browse to find a new icon.

To find the file pointed to by a shortcut. (Windows 98)

Right click on the shortcut icon and select Properties. Click on the Shortcut tab. Click on the Find Target button.

Easy rename. (Windows, Windows XP)

Double clicking (slowly) on a file name can be laborious and slow when you have a lot of files to rename. Instead, click on the file and then press F2 - instant (and easier) file rename!

To move between all the running programmes in Microsoft Windows. (Windows 95 and Windows 98)

Hold down the [Alt] key and press the [Tab] key.

Win Key ShortCuts. (Windows 98)

You can use the Windows Key to speed up your working and productivity. Here are some common shortcuts.

WinKey+E = Open an Explorer window
WinKey+R = Open the Run dialog
WinKey+Pause = Open the System Properties
WinKey+F Find: = All Files
WinKey+Ctrl+F = Find: Computer
WinKey+M = Minimize all open windows
WinKey+D = Show/Hide Desktop
WinKey+Shift+M = Undo minimize all open windows
WinKey+Tab = Cycle through taskbar program buttons
WinKey+F1 = Open Windows Help

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