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Only the TOP RATED SOFTWARE and VERY BEST FREEWARE FILES! I check out the web for top-rated software that does a good job. If there is excellent no-cost or open source software available on the World Wide Web, then it will get listed as TOP RATED SOFTWARE at Hsin Lin! 1st for software! 1st for downloads! 1st for files! We have far more than 46 best freeware at Hsin Lin - check out the free software pages! (Includes Software for Windows XP and Vista).

Windows HTML Web Design Tips

Here are some web design hints and tips, especially useful if you want your website to stand out from the crowd.

Add to Favorites.

A visitor to your page using IE can add the page to their favorites by clicking on a link.


<SPAN style='color:red;cursor:hand;' onClick='window.external.AddFavorite(location.href, document.title);'> <FONT face="Arial, Helvetica" size="2"> Internet Explorer Users: Click here to add this page to your list of favorites </FONT> </SPAN> Internet Explorer Users: Click here to add this page to your list of favorites

Another way of doing it using JavaScript

Example: <a href="javascript:window.external.AddFavorite ('http://www.HsinLin.Com', 'HsinLin.Com')">Add to favorites</a>&nbsp;(Press Ctrl and D) Add to favorites (Press Ctrl and D)

Animated Page Opening.

Internet Explorer will read this tag and if present, open your web page with animation. All you have to do is add the tag to the head section of the page.


<head> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Page-Enter" CONTENT="revealTrans(Duration=5,Transition=17)"> <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico"> </head> Where Duration is the time you want your effect to last and Transition is one of the numbers below.
0 - Shrinking Box
1 - Growing Box
2 - Shrinking Circle
3 - Growing Circle
4 - Wipes Up
5 - Wipes Down
6 - Wipes Right
7 - Wipes Left
8 - Right Moving Stripes
9 - Downward Moving Stripes
10 - Right Moving Boxes
11 - Downward Moving Boxes
12 - Dissolve Screen
13 - Horizontal Curtain Closing
14 - Horizontal Curtain Opening
15 - Vertical Curtain Closing
16 - Vertical Curtain Opening
17 - Left-Down Wipe
18 - Left-Up Wipe
19 - Right-Down Wipe
20 - Right-Up Wipe
21 - Horizontal Bars Dissolve Screen
22 - Vertical Bars Dissolve Screen
23 - Random Effect!

Your own Site Icon.

Internet Explorer 5 and above will search for an icon and display it if found.
Place in each folder of your server an icon file named "favicon.ico". Icon should be 16 pixels by 16 pixels and use no more than the 16 windows colours.

Hsin Lin Top Rated Software and Downloads

Hsin Lin has Top Rated Software for Microsoft Windows and the best software downloads plus great Microsoft Windows Games as well as fresh new MS Windows Secrets, Windows Tips and Windows Hints for XP, also including freeware software for Windows XP are added regularly, so bookmark the Freeware Files @ Hsin Lin (Press Ctrl and D) and check back often. Check out the free backup software page. We are a top-rated freeware back up software site! 1st for Freeware Files and 1st for Free Back Up Software! More than 46 best freeware utilities and files!

The Freeware Files are a Pop-Up Free Zone! Make Hsin Lin your first stop for top rated software!

If you are the developer of the Freeware Software listed at Hsin Lin Freeware Files, link to the page where your software is listed!

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Selections of the best Hints and Tips!

Hsin Lin Top Rated Software!

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Free Online Email

  • Free Online Email - A guide to the many online email services available all for free!

Online Free Stuff

  • Online Free Stuff. - Free Stuff and Free Services, only the best listed - get your online free stuff!

Safe Surfing

Work With Files

  • Work with File Extensions - A Guide to the many different kinds of file endings you will encounter in your work and on the web. Understand the document files and compressed files you will encounter and the software you will need to open the files.

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