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Windows Word tips.

To select large blocks of text. (Microsoft Windows Word)

Click where you want the selection to start and scroll down to where you want the selection to end then hold down the shift key and click again - the text will be selected. This tip for Microsoft Word is particularly useful if you have a fast computer and you find the text shooting past when you try to select with a mouse.

To quickly switch between open documents in Word. (Microsoft Windows Word)

When you have several documents open in Microsoft Word, hold down the Ctrl key and press F6. This allows you to switch between documents. Each time you press the F6 key (whilst holding down the Ctrl key) Word will switch to the next word document. Holding Ctrl AND Shift then pressing F6 allows reverse switching between open Word documents.

Stop word adding today's date to any year you type. (Microsoft Windows Word)

Go to the insert menu and click on AutoCorrect and select AutoText in the next menu. The box "Show Autocomplete Suggestions" should be unchecked. This will then prevent word from completing the date when you type, for instance, 2005.

Save Multiple Documents without closing Word. (Microsoft Windows Word)

Hold down the shift key and click on the file menu, select the option "close all" which will close all open word documents without closing Word itself.

Useful Word Shortcuts. (Microsoft Windows Word)

Here is a selection of the most useful keyboard shortcuts when working in Microsoft Word. There are ten Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcut Tips in total.

Microsoft Word Tip 1
Ctrl+B - Makes the selected text bold.

Microsoft Word Tip 2
Ctrl+I - Makes the selected text italic.

Microsoft Word Tip 3
Ctrl+U - Underlines the selected text.

Microsoft Word Tip 4
Ctrl+E - Aligns the selection or paragraph to the centre of the screen.

Microsoft Word Tip 5
Ctrl+L - Aligns the selection or paragraph to the left of the screen.

Microsoft Word Tip 6
Ctrl+Del - Deletes the word to the right of the cursor.

Microsoft Word Tip 7
Ctrl+Backspace - Deletes the word to the left of the cursor.

Microsoft Word Tip 8
Ctrl+Shift+8 - Toggle hidden characters that mark spaces and carriage returns.

Microsoft Word Tip 9
F7 - Runs a spelling and grammar check in the word document.

Microsoft Word Tip 10
Shift+F7 - Use the thesaurus in the word document.

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Hsin Lin has Top Rated Software for Microsoft Windows and the best software downloads plus great Microsoft Windows Games as well as fresh new MS Windows Secrets, Windows Tips and Windows Hints for XP, also including freeware software for Windows XP are added regularly, so bookmark the Freeware Files @ Hsin Lin (Press Ctrl and D) and check back often. Check out the free backup software page. We are a top-rated freeware back up software site! 1st for Freeware Files and 1st for Free Back Up Software! More than 46 best freeware utilities and files!

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